Sanantonio Computer Repairs has long been the leading go-to destination for computer repair knowledge as well IT information. We cover items such as IT equipment repairs, software installation, product knowledge as well as solving your software needs. We also create professional websites that are compatible with all modern day browsers as well as mobile devices. We serve a diverse amount of clients which has allowed us to adapt and grow into a well recognised IT and hardware company.

Our Team

We work in a small team consisting of an IT specialist, a hardware specialist as well as a software specialist. We all specialise in different aspects that allow us to cater to all your needs. All of us have about 10 years between us and we are in the know of all the latest technology fronts as well as the newest software that can help you in your business.

There is a growing demand for IT support specialist and we are continually building our team to meet the demand.

Join Us

We are looking for highly dedicated and hardworking individuals that are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Whether is it to fix hardware products or even software issues. We have no minimum qualifications because we believe in hiring individuals with a passion for the trade.